Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CU Bike to Work Day - My Newbie Experience

CU Bike to Work Day was about a week ago. I went for it, I biked to work! Being someone that does not normally bike anywhere, I was excited about the challenge and a little nervous about being on the road.

Luckily for me, I live only a mile away from work. This was gonna be CAKE, right?!

Sadly, there weren't any official CU Bike to Work Day stations with free stuff on my side of town. I left 15 mins early, since I had no idea how long it would take. I got to work with plenty of time to spare, which was pretty cool. I ride an old Schwinn (maybe.. it has been repainted), it is probably from 1950something. Single gear. There was an uphill moment that I really had to pump on, but other than that it was a decent ride. I wore a different shirt in case I got too hot, which really I didn't because it was 8am.

At work, everyone that noticed I biked mentioned it and was in awe a bit. It was strange to get so much recognition for a mode of transportation. But then again, I bet if I showed up on a Harley there'd be a lot of talk too ;)

I had a meeting outside of my office that luckily was close, so I rode to it and back.

Lunchtime was approaching and I realized I hadn't brought anything. I normally go home for lunch to eat with my husband. Damn.. I was going to have to bike back home for lunch! I was getting a little tired of all this morning biking, but had to do it so I loaded up and headed back home. This was the harder ride because I was hungry, it was warm, and I was already a little tired from my morning excursions. I survived though, and the ride home after work was pretty gentle.

I'm glad I tried biking to work. When I started my new job and realized its close proximity to my home, I figured I should try to bike every once in a while. All kinds of things like nerves and the extra planning got in the way. CU Bike to Work Day made me get off my ass and onto my bike.

Since then, I haven't rode. Even though the weather has been beautiful... I realized I should really wear a helmet, which I don't have. Well, I have a roller derby helmet, but from what I understand it is not the same, and would not do.

To sum things up, let me list what I learned about biking to work:
  • Biking to work is great because it gets you moving and your heart pumping! Plus, it saves gas, etc.
  • Bring your lunch if you think the extra trip will be a bit much for you...
  • Learn the rules of the road - there was a point where I was turning left and didn't know where to be in the lane...
  • You won't get that sweaty, especially if your only trip is in the morning/after work. Although bringing a shirt to change into might make you a bit more comfortable.
  • Keep deodorant at work or bring with you.
  • Plan your errands. If you have places to go, you'll need to figure out how to bike there or save them for the car after work.
  • Less road rage - unless cars don't share the road, which luckily.. I didn't encounter.
  • Biking to work feels good. Although I was a bit tired at the end of the day, I know I would get used to it and to the great feeling of getting yourself somewhere without relying on a big car and gas $$.
Whew! So that was my experience. Did you do it? Would you do it?