Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Meltdown

Don't have a mid-week meltdown! Here's something to do in Chambana to calm your nerves post-Christmas.

Not this.

Go to a local wine shop (Corkscrew, Sunsinger). Buy a bottle. Go home. Pour glass. Get your favorite magazine or flip on a mindless show on the boob tube. Chill. Fall asleep by 9pm.

Or at least this is what I plan to do. With hopefully some food in there somewhere...

Otherwise, find some way to treat yourself today. The holidays have me emotionally spent this year. I love giving people gifts, and catching up at dinner with family members.

This year, I had a sinus infection and a dog that chose to gobble someone's plate the one second I wasn't watching her. This means that instead of conquering Monopoly with my overly competitive family (like I OBVIOUSLY would have done...) I had to nurse a vomiting dog and come home early. Boo.

If you stayed home and actually WANT to get out of the house, Mike N Molly's is doing their weekly trivia night (8-10p, free) with DJ Otter spinning afterwards ($1 cover, support local music!).

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Meltdown

                               Vid NSFW. I mean, it is a rant afterall...
Don't have a mid-week meltdown, here's something to do tonight to forget about how rough your last hump day before Christmas was:  
I mean, come on.. who doesn't love shoes? As long as they let me kick mine off and try a pair on, I'm good. I kid! I kid! But I'm sure it would be quite interesting. Today from 9-5pm.


Or, if you are looking for something post-dinnertime DJ Belly is doing Open Decks at Radio Maria. Here's your chance to get wasted and try to DJ. This is probably the perfect recipe for getting over a mid-week meltdown. Check it out! Tonight at 10. If I tried, it would be about as awesome as the image above. I might just have to scurry over there tonight.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Meltdown

Don't have a mid-week meltdown! Here is something to brighten your spirits: Todd Yohn (famed comedian) will be performing standup at Memphis On Main tonight!
Todd Yohn's sassy headshot.

Info on Todd (stolen from his FB):  
Todd has appeared on HBO, SHOWTIME, VH-1, and COMEDY CENTRAL. He has worked with Glenn Campbell, The Four Tops, Charlie Daniels, and is Joan Rivers' favorite opening act (in his price range). His humor and songwriting have made him one of the ORIGINAL "regulars" of "The Bob and Tom Show." Simply put, Todd does comedy the way comedy was meant to be performed.

Info on Event:
After a sold out show in July, Todd Yohn is back in Champaign! One night only come see Todd Yohn bring his high energy and unpredictable stand up comedy to the Memphis on Main Stage.

Hosted by C-U

With performances by:
Rich Castle
Kenny Wilcoxon
Justin Tuttle

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. ONLY 90 tickets available and over 30 are already gone. E-mail OR visit for all the info.

Monday, December 10, 2012

UC Smiles = ??

Here and there I've been hearing weird talk about made-up local currency. WHAT is going on? Is this even legal?? Turns out, yes. When done properly a community can have their very own, special, local currency.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Meltdown

Brain Filler: 50 Freakout GIFs - Image 26

Don't have a mid-week meltdown, here's something to do tonight to forget about how rough your hump day was:

Gurrrlll.... You know I gotta give my Wednesday Meltdown shout out to my Twin City Derby Girls!!
Tonight at Emerald City Lounge the Twin City Derby Girls are thanking their 2012 Season Sponsors and are giving deets on how YOU can become a sponsor for the 2013 season. Trust me, you WANT to be a part of this roller derby league. They are really going places and are quickly becoming a highly competitive force to be reckoned with!

Here's the info:
Twin City Derby Girls Sponsorship Appreciation Happy Hour
Tonight, 6-8pm, Emerald City Lounge, Free event
Snacks will be provided and there will be some great drink specials. Plus, you'll get to meet TCDG members!

More info on Chambana's roller derby league can be found at:

PS: For funsies, here's me jamming this season. I'm the one in blue ready to rip your head off. Or, you know, skate really fast.

Photo Cred: Laura Fitch

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tonight in C-U: Cupcakes + Rock 'N Roll

My husband (Keith Norton) is in a band called Cody & The Gateway Drugs. They are playing at Cream & Flutter tonight in Downtown Champaign and you should go! They are on at 9pm and it is a free show so get your cupcake on and get ready to groove.

Here's what band member Cody Sokolski says about tonight... "Candlelight debut of Cody & The Gateway Drugs will launch their quiet roar tour Saturday Night. Featuring the incredible too cool for school Keith Norton, the incredible, heart as big as Tejas, David Howie, and the sultry & mysterious Madame X aka Katie Flynn"  

If that's not enough to get you there, well I just don't know what is! If you see me, stop and say hey!