Thursday, October 10, 2013

7.5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Indi Go Artist Co-Op This Friday

Indi Go Artist Co-Op is kind enough to support the Emergency Shelter for Families Project by allowing us (us being a small group made up of members of the Emerging Community Leaders Program through United Way) to host an art fundraiser starting this Friday!

This fundraiser has been so awesome to plan and I am truly blown away at the many people willing to donate pieces they've worked so hard on to this cause. We've got photography, paintings, glass etching, jewelry, and more!

What cause are they helping? The Emergency Shelter for Families Project. This project serves homeless families in need of shelter and guidance. Far too often, families seeking help are split up. Divided in an extremely stressful time in their lives is not a way to breed success. This project aims to increase the success rate of families moving on to permanent housing by keeping them together and through counseling/education. It has already aided over 32 families since its inception as a pilot project in February, with 26 moving on to permanent housing. It is making a huge impact, and deserves as much support as we can give!

Here is some info about the event:

Click to view larger!

Opening Reception: Friday, October 11, 6-8pm, at Indi Go Artist Co-Op. $5 Suggested donation to enter, music and complimentary wine at the event. Click here to view Facebook event page.

Can't do the reception? The gallery will be open Oct 12-16, 6-8pm so breeze through and see the amazing works that have been donated!

Below are 7.5 reasons why you should go to our opening night!

1) View beautiful art by local artists
2) Beautify your home with said art
3) Complimentary wine
4) Donate to the Emergency Shelter for Families Project
5) Live Music
6) You really need to get out more...
7) Celebrity doodles
7.5) I'll be there!

The last one is only worth half a point because, well, the cause is much more important than me... but come on, I'm totally a selling point, right?

Thank you for reading this and hearing me out. I am so humbled by the love Chambana has for its people. The support we have received through Indi Go Artist Co-Op, United Way, the Center for Women in Transition, artists, and community members is astounding.

If you are interested in learning how you can better your community, I highly recommend applying for the Emerging Community Leaders program. It has been an amazing year of learning to work with non-profits and now how to benefit these non-profits.