Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beer in Champaign

Champaign is a a beautiful place. A beautiful place with flowing taps of delicious beer! With places like Blind Pig Brewery, Triptych Brewing (okay, Savoy), and Desthil making it in-house; and then places like Dublin O'Neil's and Big Grove Tavern serving up an awesome selection of delicious crafts brews, you can drink the good stuff until the cows come home... which is all fine and dandy, until you get knocked up.

I'm 13 weeks pregnant, and have known since week 5. That's 8 whole weeks I've endured people, and approximately 26 to go. Yes, I remember the last beer I drank. Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale at Guido's, April 26, 2013
. It was great.

So what's a preggo to do? Non-alcoholic beer? Many of the local joints do offer it, but I had the misfortune of reading some forum that said most non-alcoholics have .5% alcohol and that the baby can't handle it. Say what you will, but because of this, I'm avoiding.

So NOW what's a preggo to do? Well, there is alcohol-FREE beer. Sadly, I haven't seen any menus rockin' alcohol-free beers. Hoping to keep this thang local, I visited Piccadilly and called Common Ground Food Co-Op (I mean, they don't have their Champaign location YET... i'm not driving alllll the way over there on hopes and dreams, ha) and sadly neither had alcohol-free beer. Friar Tuck and Binny's, however, both offer Bitburger alcohol-free beer.

Bitburger is the only option I've found locally. The first sip feels natural... but after the first sip and especially after it warms, you're out. It's over.

There are quite a few options online if I want to spend cray-cray amounts of money. Honestly, after having a few of these I'm not that interested. I guess it did its job, eh?

There will be a day when I will enjoy the delectable flow of beer bubbles into my mouth again. I look forward to trying Triptych Brewing, I haven't had the chance yet! Until then, friend, please... go have a beer for me at a wonderful C-U pub. My, I mean.. your first recommended stop should be Dublin O'Neils.