Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Meltdown

Don't have a mid-week meltdown! Here's something to do in Chambana to calm your nerves post-Christmas.

Not this.

Go to a local wine shop (Corkscrew, Sunsinger). Buy a bottle. Go home. Pour glass. Get your favorite magazine or flip on a mindless show on the boob tube. Chill. Fall asleep by 9pm.

Or at least this is what I plan to do. With hopefully some food in there somewhere...

Otherwise, find some way to treat yourself today. The holidays have me emotionally spent this year. I love giving people gifts, and catching up at dinner with family members.

This year, I had a sinus infection and a dog that chose to gobble someone's plate the one second I wasn't watching her. This means that instead of conquering Monopoly with my overly competitive family (like I OBVIOUSLY would have done...) I had to nurse a vomiting dog and come home early. Boo.

If you stayed home and actually WANT to get out of the house, Mike N Molly's is doing their weekly trivia night (8-10p, free) with DJ Otter spinning afterwards ($1 cover, support local music!).

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