Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Meltdown

                               Vid NSFW. I mean, it is a rant afterall...
Don't have a mid-week meltdown, here's something to do tonight to forget about how rough your last hump day before Christmas was:  
I mean, come on.. who doesn't love shoes? As long as they let me kick mine off and try a pair on, I'm good. I kid! I kid! But I'm sure it would be quite interesting. Today from 9-5pm.


Or, if you are looking for something post-dinnertime DJ Belly is doing Open Decks at Radio Maria. Here's your chance to get wasted and try to DJ. This is probably the perfect recipe for getting over a mid-week meltdown. Check it out! Tonight at 10. If I tried, it would be about as awesome as the image above. I might just have to scurry over there tonight.

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