Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Overcoming your shop local fears... pt. 2

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Any products or stores mentioned are based off my personal experience. 

Today, I will address more common concerns with shopping local...

“I worry that shopping local is out of my budget.” - Sometimes, shopping local is seen as more expensive and sometimes it is true. You are often getting higher quality goods in comparison to big box stores. As a person on a budget though, I’ve been able to make it work for a few different reasons. Firstly, because the goods are higher quality you can get away with giving less. Let’s say I’m giving someone a gift from Forever 21. I end up feeling guilty for the undoubtedly poor quality of item and buy them a few more last minute things which are usually impulse buys which are usually 1) not that useful, 2) not that meaningful, and 3) more expensive. That’s why I like giving locally bought goods. You will typically get a better product that you can feel great about giving.

Sorry, I had to.
I’d like to note, however, that local small shops have clearance items and sales just like any other store. For example, I’ve gotten some really cute Betsy Johnson tights from Circles at half the price because they were on clearance. I’ve worn them multiple times for long nights out and there are no visible tears unlike their big box store counterparts (which I tend to destroy and then end up wearing them for derby). Or, as I mentioned in my previous post, Exile on Main Street will do promotional sales like "buy 3, get 1 free". With as many music fans as I have in my family, this is a totally worthwhile sale. So, go like some local stores on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and keep an eye out for amazing sales! I know you secretly have Facebook already open in another tab right now anyway, so get to it!

"I doubt any local stores will have anything Aunt Clara would like..." - I could see some concerns about your local offerings being too limited. It is easy to visit one of the big box stores (should I just start calling them BBS? Yeah, Imma do that) and pick out a random gift for each person in your family. You may feel less satisfied than eating an overcooked steak, but at least the chore of gift buying is done. Wait… we’re buying these gifts to show our family and friends how much we love them,  right? So let’s do a little research (or I’ll do it for you) and figure out what unique and locally beneficial gifts we can buy right here in stores owned by our neighbors. Chambana has something for everyone! There are stores like Gameday Spirit for the sports enthusiasts, Furniture Lounge for the cool cats you know (and yes, they have everything from $2 stocking stuffers to $300 dining tables, nearly unlimited options!) and places like CV Lloyde Music Center and Skins-N-Tins Drum Shop for the musicians in your life... But wait, wait! I'm getting ahead of myself. We will get to name dropping soon. What I'm trying to explain is that there are many beautiful people in your life and many unique gifts offered locally that you can get for them! With such a large number of locally owned stores in this area, you won't have any issues picking out a gift for each person on your list.

Up next... a couple store suggestions for diff types of people (think: buying for coworkers, your mom, and kiddos)


  1. Interesting story. A few weeks ago I was having a discussion with a colleague at work about his new TV set. He had gone to a newly opened BBS in Champaign. As it turns out I had purchased the exact same model earlier this summer from Premeir Sound and Design also in Champaign.

    Anyway, he was bragging about what a great deal he got and how much they discounted the price for him. So...I let my anxiety and nosiness get the best of me and asked him how much he paid. As it turns out his price was nearly identical to mine.

    The idea of local being more expensive than BBS is somewhat of a myth. I have often asked local retailers to match or at least split difference on big ticket items from BBS and they typically do. You just have to have the cajones to ask.

    1. First off, love you using the BBS acronym. ;)

      Secondly, I love hearing your experiences! I have never visited Premeir Sound and Design, I must check them out. Thank you for sharing and keep the info coming!