Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shop Local Chambana + Free Download!

Okay so people get stressed about shopping local. I hear many say that it sounds too difficult, too expensive, too limited, etc. I completely disagree and want to give you my holiday shop small business guide for Champaign-Urbana that will help you realize that shopping local is easy and exciting! Because there are so many great places to shop and people to shop for, this will be a series of posts. You’re welcome ;)

Also, no matter where you are, shopping local and small is of utmost importance! If you're feeling sassy, you can use my simple design shown below as your Facebook cover photo to remind yourself and your beautiful friends to stay committed!



  1. Chelsea I think its awesome that you are supporting locally owned businesses. Small business is the heart of the urban community. I work for a guy who started off with one Domino's Pizza store in a little town in western Illinois and has since grown it over the last 20 years. I think its important to remember though that every "big business" started off as a small business in the begining. Happy Holidays!