Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekly Wednesday Meltdown


Noooo!!! Snow!!!

Dang, I was hoping we were headed to warmer and brighter things.

But hey, don't have a midweek meltdown!

Here is something to do to forget how rough your hump day was...

Skate with the Twin City Derby Girls!!!!! That'll warm you up in no time. Plus, a certain blogger you love might be there. Okay, yeah, it is me. I won't be skating, I'll be dishin' out info on how great TCDG is! So whether you're a fan, are thinking about volunteering, or want to join the league as a skater, come to the meet and greet tonight!!! Here are some reasons to love TCDG:

TCDG is fun and friendly! (photo Alex Wild)

The Mayor loves us!

We taught a junior derby camp and the participants had a blast! (photo: Laura Fitch)

We love teaching this sport and sharing the love of derby! (Photo Laura Fitch)

Details on tonight from TCDG's event page
Come out to Skateland March 6th and skate with ladies of the Twin City Derby Girls. This is your chance to meet members of the league, ask questions and find out more information about our league, our involvement in the community and how to get involved!

Open skate is from 6:30-8:30 and it's $5.00 admission or $15.00 for a family of up to 6 family members. Skate rental is $3.00 for regular skates / $4.00 for speed skates.

Also, this Saturday is your chance to TRY OUT! If you want information on how to try out to be a skater, coach, or ref, follow this link.

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