Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly Wednesday Meltdown

Don't have a meltdown!

Here is something to do to forget how rough your humpday was:

Picture you and your pomaded (or pony-tailed) sweetie sitting at the malt shop sharing a giant shake with two straws. You've put a nickel into the jukebox and are hearing your favorite song. I know, this probably happens at least once a week so it is easy to imagine.
tsk tsk, johnny! we're sharing the shake and shake alone...

Now imagine that same scenario, but when you put the nickel in the jukebox two dudes with guitars magically fly out of the machine and start playing and singing the song live for you! Talk about dreams coming true!!

Tonight, go to 301 Mongolia in Downtown Champaign to live out this fantasy. The Live Jukebox Show featuring David Howie* and friends will be playing any song outta the book for you tonight between 6-8pm! 301 N Neil Street, Champaign. Be there!

*David is out of commission! Katie Flynn (you've seen here on here before when promoting Cody & the Gateway Drugs) and Gordon Wilson will be filling in. The show must go on!

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